St. Ann’s Optical Centre – Primary & Secondary School Eye Health Services (Children’s Eye Health)

Primary & Secondary School Eye Health Services (Children’s Eye Health).

‘60% of parents in the UK are unaware that their children need to have an eye test every two years.’ Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO)

Kids eye health is usually neglected.

However what many parents don’t realise is that lazy eyes and squints can be detected from a simple eye examination as well as 72% of parents being unaware that spectacles can actually help children to correct their squint.

Here at St. Ann’s Optical Centre we also know some tricks to help children strengthen their eyes, which they can do in the comfort of their home or even on their way to school.

If you are a school and are interested in going that extra mile for the children you care for by carrying out eye examinations on your students then please do email us for more information at

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