St. Ann’s Optical Centre – Eye Examinations

Eye Examinations.

Up to 18 million drivers took to the roads over the Christmas period, yet only 5% of drivers are able to state correctly the current statutory viewing distance.

The eye examination comprises of testing ones vision. We use a Snellens Chart to see how much and how far you can see. We will need to first gauge how much you can see without your glasses and then we shall come to help. We shall pop on a testing pair of spectacles and add lenses to a point where you can see even the smallest of letters on our chart. Until you’re satisfied and we are happy professionally, we will work at it!

The results may be that we find out you are myopic (short sighted), hyperopic (long sighted) or astigmatic (cornea shaped in a certain way).

We also use an ophthalmoscope, non-contact tonometer and visual field tests to check the intraocular pressure of the eyes and diagnose different types of eye abnormalities. Visual impairments can also be associated with abnormal conditions in the eyes such as cataracts, age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and certain other rare conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, sarcoidosis and Marfans Syndrome.

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