St. Ann’s Optical Centre – Contact Lenses Fitting & Assistance

Contact Lenses Fitting & Assistance.

Failure to wear, clean, and store your lenses correctly can increase your probability of infection in the eye. Do it properly and there shouldn’t be any problems!

This includes measuring the shape and curvature of your eye and more specifically your cornea. This is done with an equipment we have called a keratometer. This also requires the assistance of a slit lamp examination, which magnifies the anterior chamber of the eyes (e.g. the cornea, conjunctiva & eye lashes) to see whether the patient is suitable for wearing contact lenses.

If you have a fear of putting contact lenses into your eyes then please don’t worry! You’re like many that start of to hate the process of putting the lenses into your eyes but later learn to love it or at least get used to it. Come into the practice and we shall help you put them on!

We do advise that you get your eyes checked every 2 years if ordering contact lenses however.


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