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Our optician is very thorough and therefore depending on your case it will take about 30-45 minutes per patient.
With the thorough sight testing, Mr. Manji has a fee of £20.00. Patients have been elsewhere to have their sight testing however they haven’t felt that other opticians go through the checklist as thoroughly as the optician on site
This takes 4 days however we say a week just so patients don’t get upset. We also send you an email or text message and maybe both to inform you once your purchase is ready to collect. Other products may vary and an appropriate time will be given to you in store.
We understand many people are working long hours and may not have time to fit in an appointment. Well now with longer hours of sight testing our last appointment is at 7:30pm. We do shut our doors at 5 however knock on the door & someone will open it immediately!
This is a common problem amongst many patients especially if your eye health has been neglected. It most probably is due to a change in your prescription numbers and therefore you are straining your eyes therefore causing these headaches. Ensure you have your eyes tested every two years unless told to do so more frequently.
Every year.
We don’t want to alarm you however do try to book an appointment ASAP! We can do relevant checks and if so we may need to refer you. Hopefully its nothing to worry about but its better to be on the safe side.
Varifocal lenses are where there is a gradual change in the prescription in the lenses. At the top is your prescription for your distance vision and at the bottom is your prescription for reading. This is transitional and therefore aesthetically more pleasing than bifocals that have a line through the middle to symbolize the change from the reading and distance vision prescriptions.
Glaucoma may affect the peripheral vision. If not diagnosed at an early stage this may cause permanent damage. Diabetes could potentially affect the central or peripheral vision or both. 

Cataracts are the result of a change in the shape and loss of transparency of the lens in the eye.

  • Problems in school reading the white board and even textbooks.
  • Headaches.
  • The eyes aren’t straight. This is more commonly one eye rather than both. This is known as a squint.
  • Having to screw the eyes to see at a distance.
At St. Ann’s Optical Centre the Senior Optician has 3 children of his own and therefore understands that this may be a problem. We have invested in a special torch that will determine the child’s eye condition and this will allow us to prescribe glasses if need be.

Under the NHS:

Children under 16 – Once a Year.

Diabetic & Glaucoma Patients – Once a Year

Elderly Over 70 – Once a Year

People on Benefit – Once Every 2 Years

Children Between 19 (Studying in Full Time Education) – Once Every 2 Years

Elderly Aged 60-70 – Once Every 2 Years

Patients that are undergoing private eye examinations are able to come in for an eye check as frequently as they wish.

Our professional opinion is patients return every year for an eye test just to ensure good health of their eyes.

We provide Dailies, 2 Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Soft Lenses, as well as providing gas permeable lenses and hard lenses. Toric Lenses are also available for patients that have an astigmatism.

We do an in depth examination of your eyes and check your central and peripheral vision as well as see whether there is a change in your prescription.


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