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We Have Good News… We Are Currently Taking New Patients!

5,000 patients in Harrow and its surrounding areas trust us with their eyes. Why not do the same?

At St. Ann’s Optical Centre we are always developing our practice whether it be our range of frames or with our clinical technology. However, one thing stays the same and that is our concern and care for your eyes and vision.

Our focus is simple and unique. We listen to your wants and needs and tailor our services towards you in a way that you will appreciate and understand. Everything you tell us is clinically useful and we will try our utmost best to solve your problems then on.

Over the many years we have been mastering the art of maintaining patients healthy eyes and up until today our aim is the same.

To listen.

Pre-Examination Questionnaire

Even before we sit you in the optical chair we will know about your overall health. This enables us to tailor your appointment around your needs.

Eye Examinations

Our detailed and experienced optometrist of 20 years has seen many cases both simple and tough. Your eyes are in good hands.

Late Clinics

We understand many of you work long hours and sympathize with you. That’s why we have late clinics on Monday & Wednesday 6-8pm as well as normal hour clinics from 9am-5pm.

New Computer Platform

Introducing this allows us to improve the way patient care we give you.

Clean Space

Newly renovated with a high quality refurbishment you step into our contemporary and modern optical centre and become amazed!

More than 35 years of experience behind us

Our team are highly committed to helping you find the frames you want and supplying you with the service you need. Trust us. We listen.


Our optician is very thorough and therefore depending on your case it will take about 30-45 minutes per patient.
With the thorough sight testing, Mr. Manji has a fee of £20.00. Patients have been elsewhere to have their sight testing however they haven’t felt that other opticians go through the checklist as thoroughly as the optician on site
This takes 4 days however we say a week just so patients don’t get upset. We also send you an email or text message and maybe both to inform you once your purchase is ready to collect. Other products may vary and an appropriate time will be given to you in store.
We understand many people are working long hours and may not have time to fit in an appointment. Well now with longer hours of sight testing our last appointment is at 7:30pm. We do shut our doors at 5 however knock on the door & someone will open it immediately!
This is a common problem amongst many patients especially if your eye health has been neglected. It most probably is due to a change in your prescription numbers and therefore you are straining your eyes therefore causing these headaches. Ensure you have your eyes tested every two years unless told to do so more frequently.
Every year.
We don’t want to alarm you however do try to book an appointment ASAP! We can do relevant checks and if so we may need to refer you. Hopefully its nothing to worry about but its better to be on the safe side.

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Read the latest testimonials from our dedicated patients.

I have been visiting this optician for nearly 20 years now. The service has always been what I expected and wanted. I have recommended this optician to family and friends on this basis, as they are friendly and professional at all times. The senior optician is experienced and knowledgeable and will take his time to give you a proper and efficient consultation. For example my wife visited Moorfields eye hospital on the instruction of the optician at St Ann’s Optical Centre, and they stated that the advice he gave her with respect to her condition was exactly right and accurate in respect of the diagnosis with the eye. This obviously speeds everything up and gives a lot of comfort.


A. Ali, March 2015.
St Ann’s optical centre is a forward thinking establishment with your every need catered for. From the time you enter the door, you are greeted and welcomed warmly with impeccable service. As well as being a friendly environment there are a wealth of selection of frames to suit every individual for any occasion. I would thoroughly recommend St Ann’s to everyone – it is the place to be!


F. Haji, September 2015.
I bought some Rayban glasses from here. Staff was really helpful. Price was great! Definitely coming again.


S. Jamal, August 2015.


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